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Skyrealms of Jorune(tm) was a traditional "pencil, paper, and dice" role playing game. It remains the property of Skyrealms, Inc. RETURN TO JORUNE is a fan based continuation of the excitemetn felte when we first discovered the game and the world.

Nothing here is official. Gamemasters will find copies of long out-of-print source materials, decades of development by passionate fans who have kept the flame alive, and new material to keep the world fresh and new material to keep the discoveries fresh.

If you are new - welcome to Jorune, the world of seven moons and isho. If you a returning Joruni --

Welcome home.
Races Compared (not

What Has Gone Before

The Skyrealms of Jorune was the result of a high school English class assignment, developed by Andrew Leker and artist Miles Teves into their first book. Their first edition was on par with a whole breed of "kitchen table" published game, released by small groups of people who had fallen in love with the new passtime of role playing games.

It was ground breaking in concept and art.

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Andrew's sister Amy joined the team to create another high water mark in gaming with the boxed Second Edition Skyrealms of Jorune release, followed quickly by supplements; Companion: Ardoth, Companion: Burdoth, Companion: Earth Tec, and special releases at the annual gaming industry (GenCon), The Iscin Races and Shanthas of Jorune. In adition to beautifully designed box and books, the Second edition welcomed new talents tot he development, including future editor David Ackerman and artist Alan Okimoto.
At the same time White Wolf magazine showed support with a regular column written. by the game creators and new authors. The first of the Jorune fanzines appeared in England - Sarceen's Knowledge.

Second Edition remains the favorite version of the game with most Jorunis.

A third edition was published by Chessex, which is best known for its selection of gaming dice, battle mats, book covers, and other game support products. Several supplements were added to the Jorune mythos but the timing was not right. But it resulted in more fanzines entering the arena: Sholari, Borkelby's Folly, Danstead Traveller, and Annals of the Tan Soor Hisotrical Society. And the growth of the internet gave Jorunis the incredible development essays Jorune According to Sholari James.

Jorune was the last hurrah of "side screen" computer games with Alien Logic – released at the same time Doom and other "first person shooters" took over the gaming world.

The official future of Jorune remains in question, but between what has come before and what is yet to come, it is a great time for newcomers to discover the world with a stream of new material and fresh availability with the Jorune that was.
Welcome to Return to Jorune, and project of revived passion for one of the pivotal games of role playing.

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The Newest Release

Sholari Magazine

PDF Front Cover - Sholari Magazine Volume 2 Number

Volume Two, Number One

And experimental modules exploring a site that has been a cursed land for over 4,000 years. No one who has ventered there has returned to tell the tale. "The Scars of Far Temantro".

A return to a module originally published in Sholari Magazine, Volume One, Number two, "The Somar", with a survey of a site with new secrets revealed by a local landslide.

Also, ten question on Jorune in "Why Jorune?"

First of a series of editorial essays, this one under the title "A World of One's Own."

And More.

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Still Available:

 Segment: Sho-Caudal Newsletter

For more than twenty years, Jorune has been the obsession of Joseph Kessler Adams, author, playwright and broadcaster.

For the first time, as Dhar-Copra Joe, he is opening his personal archives for a monthly newsletter, harking back to the day sof Segment: Jorune in White Wolf magazine (and available as a personal subscription).

This is a PDF only publication, available by subscription through PayPal for $5. You can also unsubscribe when you choose.

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Gomo Guide: Thoneport

A guide to the human only realm of Thantier through its capital. Directly linked to the Earth Colony 3,500 years ago, Thantier is a strictly defined social structure.

Thoneport is the only city - or part of a city - where non-humans can walk the streets without a human contracted handler.

Heed the warnings.

Do not use isho.

Do not show your challisk.

And above all, BE HUMAN!

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Updated 2017-8-7

Get Your Own

Any Jorune newbie can get up to speed with free downloads of what other fans of Jorune had years ago. You can search for more downloads at, but a selection is available here to get you started.

Included in these archives:

• Hard to find First Edition materials;

• The great Second Edition books;

• The fanzines: availabile issues of Sholari, Borkelby's Folly, and Danstead Traveller;

• All of the Jorune According to Sholari James PDFs (more than two dozen);

• The White Wolf magazine Segment: Jorune columns (and articles);

• Stray files that don't fit into and of those categories.

About 800 pages of material to get as dep as you'd like, and a choice of two introductions to the world and the game for getting started.

And they are free to download, free to share.

Try it. You'll like it.


We want you to feel at home walking down a market street on Jorune. Mix with the different mutant, genetically manipulated, and alien races, find interesting things to buy, and intriguing people to buy them from.

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