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Segment: Sho-Caudal

Current IssueA monthly PDF-only subscription newsletter with notes from the notebooks of Copra Joe, who wrote most of the Third Edition supplements and published several previous Jorune fanzines. Current: #7

Segment: Sho-Caudal

The most current Jorune material is through Segment Sho Caudal - a PDF-only newsletter. PDF allows for corrected editions with additonal information at no extra cost. There is a minimum of 16 pages at least once a month. The issues available so far:

At this writing there are six issues out.
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Gomo Guide: Thoneport

                CoverA guide for travellers entering the only city in the whole of Thantier where non-humans can walk the streets. Mostly without fear. The cultures, the history, and more. Order as PDF or Print through DriveThruRPG.

Sholari Magazine, Volume 2 Number 1

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Another plunge into the world of isho and seven moons, Jorune is open to new explorations. Click the picture for a larger view.

In this issue, two adventures into the pampas of Northern Temauntro.

"The Scars of Far Temauntro" ventures into a forbidden area of the far western Temauntro that is turly cursed. No one who has ventured in has ever returned to tell the tale.

"The Somar" takes to a site exposed by a recent landslide with a team determined to raid it before word can get out.

Also, the first of a series of editorial essays on being a Sholari - "A World of One's Own."

Editor Paul Pinkosh interviews long time Joruni Joe Adams with ten questions t- "Why Jorune?"

Available through in PDF or in Print.

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