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Did you know they made a video for the Alien Logic computer game?

It is a good introduction to the pen, paper, and dice game addressed by these materials.

Download MP4 of video. Did you know there were 32 HOURS of video for the game on YouTube?"

We are working of a different way to present the key portion of this video. Check back.

According to Sholari James

Throughout the 1990s and into the early 21st Century European Joruni "Sholari James" released his personal development for Skyrealms of Jorune. They found publicaton on the Internet as "Jorune According to Sholari James".

Here, in one Zip Archive, are the files comprising his complete body of work. Right click (Windows) or Option Click (OSX) to transfer the entire archive onto your disk. You can decompress it to make the individual files available.

Sholari James Full Archive

Full listing to follow.

What is ORFA?


ORFA is a minimalist role playing games system used to present NPCs for new Jorune material. It can also be used as a functional game system for newcomers, or for established games who want to play and don't have time to learn each others favorite system.

Want to do something? You try by rolling one die. Take applicable Stats (never more than three) and any applicable named skill(s), apply modifiers before the roll. That gives you your Target Number. Roll 1d20 and if you roll your Target number, or less, you succed. The difference between the Target number and the number on your d20 gives you the "degree of success" (or points of damage, if your action is part of a combat).

Why another gaming system? Because gamers develop their favorite game system and become worse than religious fanatics with their devotion to OTS - the One True System.
Game systems are like ice cream; you like what you like and anyone who doesn't like pistaccio is a heathen.

ORFA is a way to get playing FAST and to fulfill the purpose of role playing games - to have FUN.

And it's free.

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The Real Deals

You may find copies on eBay from time to time, but until you can locate copies to by, you can download these PDFs of the book for understanding the world and taking your gamers to a world they will enjoy.

Jorune (1st Edition)
(First Edition)
Full Archive (Zip Document)
Full listing to follow.

Skyrealms of Jorune (2nd Edition)
(Boxed Set and Supplements)
Full Archive (Zip Document)

The White Wolf Columns
Segment: Jorune
Full Archive (Zip Document)

The Fanzines
Sholari (Issues 1-3)
Borkelby's Folly (Issues 1 and 2, 3 pending)
Danstead Traveller (Issues 1-4)
Full Archive (Zip Document)

Jorune According to Sholari James (Zip Archive)

Why are there no conversion files for the other available systems RPG. We had planned to create a Weldon book with conversiona by atticks are both 

Conversions from commercial systems will not be included here. I would encourage someone NOT associated with this project to provide those - I can give the PDFs to post for some of it. Anyone with their own webpage of Jorune related stuff can have their pages listed under "Links", to be added..

Artists Needed

Wonderful artists have shown us the look and feel of Jorune. And we are looking for others.

Submit and letter of inquirie to return2jorune@gmail.com ome samples and tell us why you think you should be the next big Jorune music grinder.

            maligned art for the original Gomo Guide. Oh well.

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Stray Files

Sometimes you recive files anonymously, or get them off a from a list of websites.

We try to make Sure the file remain

Full Misc Archive (Zip ocument)
Full listing to follow

The German Jorune (Zip Archive)

The Trueblood Errata ()
One fan did an outstanding job of correcting the errors he found in Third Edition. Serious detail.

Individual Files

Dysha Grid (PDF)

Jorune Glossary (PDF)

Jorune Intro - Adams (PDF)

Spirit of Jorune sheet (JPG)

Sallay Map (From GIRE OF SILIPUS.
Corrects the map accidentally published.)

In Sholari Magazine, Volume 2 Number 1
Ingredient label for SCARS OF TEMAUNTRO, SHOLARI
              MAGAZINE V2N1


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