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Sorry, this project is coming to an end.

But you can buy the projects published under Return to Jorune:

The project was to get out some ideas that had been brewing for over 25 years with no outlet. GOMO GUIDE: THONEPORT was the first under RETURN TO JORUNE. It is an indepth look at the human-centered culure of Jorune, Thantier. This is the world as seen through the only city in the realm that allows non-humans to wander aboput without a paid human escort.

SHOLARI MAGAZINE v2n1 was a return to the sources from Sholar Magazine, published in the 1990s. This time we completed what was started in Sholari v1n2, (The Somar") with details of a great crater created by the unnatural tearing away of a skyrealm by the legendar Lamorri invaders, encompasing a structure for a adventure in that realm. This second edventure reveals the last chapter in the life of a character introduced in Sholari v1 n3 with a surprise ending. (NOTE: You can download all three issues of SHOLARI MAGAZINE, with all three issue of BORKELBY'S FOLLY fanzine, and all four issues of DANSTEAD TRAVELLER webzome from our Freebies page, or by searching "SOJ RPG" at archive.org.)

SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL offered a outlet. Through those pages I was able to offer some ideas that had been smouldering but never catching fire. Health requires that I pull back, but I hope some of thse ideas will inspire other Sholaris to build new games and new material to share.

The original commitment for SSC was for twelve issues, 16-pages per issue. Simple math says that was for 192 pages. #1-#11 totaled

Current products are sold through DrivethruRPG.com. But the newsletter SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL was a PDF-only monthly newsletter. It contained raw information from my personal notebooks on Jorune development including fiction, exploration, dark-and-dirty secrets from the planet's history, and unrevealed details of Jorune's history.

You can get a set of the back issues (1 thru 12) through this page.

There are a few more projects in various stages of completion that may yet appear, depending on time an energies. There are the "Collected Fanzine" hardcopis - COLLECTED DANSTEAD TRAVELLER and COLLECTED BORKELBY'S FOLLY, in process. You can put your name on the mailing list through the JORUNE IS A MENTAL ILLNESS blog page (which is my examination of my own addiciton to this strange world for a hobby that barely exists). While many of these were planned, I only have the wearwithall to put together THE GOMO GUIDE TO THANTIER, exploring the Thriddle island fortress and home of scholars from around Jorune. The last collection of my notes for the world will be gathered and published as SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL #13, which should be significant. it will be available from me as PDF, as are all the SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL issues, but may also be available through DriveThruRPG in hardcopy.

And finally my favorite project: THE CHILDREN OF BOMOVERIS, a campaign I ran with the same team in California betwen 1994 and 2001. It is a world changing drama ranging from Thantier, to Ponteer, to the great Lake District of Dauhahdeh (spell many different ways becuse - who know how to spell Blount words?). It involves the ghost of the sworn enemy of Iscin, the Angels of Jorune, and the league of Human who seek to take unquestioned control of Sho-Caudal.

The covers - 1 thru 11

Issue 1

Issue 1
From the first weaving of a dysha, including the lost knowledge of the Lamorri Invasion; The Tragedy of the Gift; The Era of the Colonials up to and including Shyee and the drama of  Bomoveris and Iscin in the Gauss Valley; and acknowledgement of The Harpers, who kept the culture of Earth alive on Jorune.
Pages this issue: 17
Issue 2
The Thriddle Debt
Sho-Caudal #2 cover
The Thriddle Debt
How the advent of modern publishing came to Jorune thanks to a Cryo-Bin and the contents of a lost Colonial library; The Horrors of Conversion - why you will not see me publishing conversions to other game systems; What the hell is ORFA? (One Roll Fits All simplistic system for Jorune.)
Pages this issue: 17
Issue #3
Sho-Caudal #3 cover
Writing within Jorune
The Myth of Fiction -  Even the most learned of Thriddle can get it wrong; Call for Writers - A Collection of writing tools for any Jorune author, including a detailed look at the Major and Minor Canon for Jorune,  a Detailed Location chart for races by nation or geographic group, and racial distribution of Isho; and Toolbox References or to be used in other forms of writing, including the 36 plots, and details on the characters found in great Epic tales, and RPG adventure construction.
Pages this issue: 16

Issue 4
Segment: Sho-Caudal #4 cover
Maps and Measurement
The Dark Side of Jorune - Imaginary Landscapes for what we cannot see; Measurement of Distances, Weight, Time, and Calendars; Revised World Map with scale, and more.cartography, with the original scale of the world from some 2nd Edition notes, First Edition map, my personal rethink of the world and its measurement.
Pages this issue: 22
Issue 5
                                Sho Caudal #6 Cover
The Angele of Drail
The Angel of Drail - Preview of the first three chapters of a proposed Jorune novel. The three main charcters of Slam Desti, Boy Yord (Sholari volume 1, number 2) are grown up and having a new adventure that begins in a small port down on the eastern coast of Drail, and will move south, into the land of Ramian, Trarch and the mysterious Seraphim Guard, and their representative, the Angel Jolanta 
Pages this issue: 17
Issue 6
Segment: Sho-Caudal #6 cover
The Mes Dig
An updated Introduction to Warp Mechanics from Jorunel of the Tan Soor Hisorical Socity; The Mes Dig - An archological site for adventures, including several tables of Earth-Tec and other goodies for adventurers to find/earn/steal. Notes from The Red Gate; Blended Jorune - An ide for bringing your near future Sci-Fi team to Jorune, quickly.
Pages this issue: 16 

Issue 7

Segment: Sho-Caudal #7 cover
The Kolo-Dissal

Two more elements of The Red Gate Dig - including: The Kolo Dissal (a Thriddle escape device); The Sol Hono Lattice, a trinket found at the Mes Dig that could change the future of Jorune; Isho, the Living Breath of the planet, with an eye to adapting issue to your current gaming group and system.
Pages this issue: 17 

Issue 8

Segment: Sho-Caudal #7 cover
Memoirs from Sharden with details on the Tologra, their land, the Storm Wall. Plus, other Artists of Jorune (David Ackerman, Robert D. Smith and an unknown artist from Poland).
Pages this issue: 16

Issue 9

Segment: Sho-Caudal #7 cover
The Reco Report
Details on corks, incupods, genons, and recos. Plus - other artists of Jorune Part 2 (George barr, Steven Devaney, Janet Aulisio Dannheiser, Alan Okimoto, Marc Debindour, Harold Ogle, Carl Davis, Chris Lackey, and Joe Adams.)
Pages this issue: 49

Pages this issue: 49

Issue 10

Cover 11
The Gathered Red Gate
The Collected elements of The Red Gate. [The Red Gate, The Lattice, The Kolo Dissal, The Angels of Desti, the Blue Gate for a Sholari to weave into his/her group's needs for an adventure.
Pages this issue: 19

Issue 11

Segment: Sho-Caudal #11 cover
Other People's Jorune
Other Writers, Other Artists, a wider scope for Jorune that has simply resulted from Sho Copra's Joe's flying pen.
Pages this issue: 55

Issue 12
Segment: Sho-Caudal #11 cover
The Blood of Earth
Why would anyone come to a new world and leave Earth behind? What were they coming to? What were they running from? This is a background meditation on why the world we knew was popiulated with The Colonials, how the colonies were modeled, and other tidbits that give deeper understand the the game world as we know it. It also opens the door to a new world before the Shanthic-Human War and the loss of Shyee.

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