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Skyrealms of Jorune

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                Sho-Caudal, the true name of JoruneThe classic Role Playing Game has gone through three editions with a dozen supplements, and over 800 pages of fan-generated material through the pathfinder zine, Sarceen's Knowledge, three issues of Sholari Magazine, three issues of Borkelby's Folly, four issues of Danstead Traveller, and an amazing volume of writings, maps, adventures and details found in Jorune According to Sholar James .

Almost all of the previous material is avaiable for free, and new publications are starting to appear.

Next on the Schedule:

COMING: ORFA: JORUNE - Minimals RPG based on the concept: One Roll Fits All. A single roll determines success of failure, qulity of success, damage and several other factors to make combat happen in real time (almost). Free gaming system with easy conversion to other systems. Designed to get people new to Jorune, or new to table top pencil, paper and dice gaming, int the world of isho and seven moons.

COMING: GOMO GUIDE: TAN IRICID - A detailed guide to the Island of Thriddle and the scholars they train, with secrets revealed for the first time, and settings for the clever Sholari to us for new games.

SHOLARI MAGAZINE; VOLUME 2, NUMBER 1 - The return of the classic fanzine. Available through in PDF or Print.

Two new modules, both set in Norther Temauntro, with revelations of dangers and secrets of history. "THE SCARS OF OLD TEMAUNTRO" tells of the oldest cursed land, where no one has survived stepping into the scar for 4,000 years.  "THE SOMAR" is a re-presentation of the adventure in the mountins along the Khodran border where a recent landslide has revealed ancient secrets that can change the future of the planet.

Also, A new columnt, TEN QUESTIONS to reveal the answers to "WHY JORUNE"?

And the first of a series of editorial essays to guide Sholaris in new games: "A WORLD OF ONE'S ONE."

SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL - A monthly newsletter offering new information about Jorune and its inhabitants.

ISSUE #2 - (September 2017) The Thriddle Debt - The Horrors of Conversion - What the hell is ORFA?

ISSUE #1 -  (August 2017) Timelines - Details of who did what when, from the weaving of the first dysha to the era of the Harpers. Answers to questions you didn't know you had.

GOMO GUIDE: THONEPORT - In the most human nation of Jorune, Thantier, there is only one port where non-humans can walk the street without a paid escort. But that doesn't mean it is safe. Detailed history of the oldest human realm, the Great Houses, and details of the highest fruit of human culture on Jorune. Available through in PDF or Print.

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"You so funny. You make Chodi laugh. What you lungs taste like?"

Chodi the Laughing Ramian. RUN!

You can do this

What is ORFA?

ORFA is a minimalist role playing games system used to present NPCs for new Jorune material. It can also be used as a functional game system for newcomers, or for established games who want to play and don't have time to learn each others favorite system.

Want to do something? You try by rolling one die. Take applicable Stats (never more than three) and any applicable named skill(s), apply modifiers before the roll. That gives you your Target Number. Roll 1d20 and if you roll your Target number, or less, you succed. The difference between the Target number and the number on your d20 gives you the "degree of success" (or points of damage, if your action is part of a combat).

Why another gaming system? Because gamers develop their favorite game system and become worse than religious fanatics with their devotion to OTS - the One True System.
Game systems are like ice cream; you like what you like and anyone who doesn't like pistaccio is a heathen.

ORFA is a way to get playing FAST and to fulfill the purpose of role playing games - to have FUN.

And it's free.

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This is supposed to be details on the whole line, as they are released. So let's make it that.

Wonderful artists have shown us the look and feel of Jorune. And we are looking for others.

Jorune Landscape by George Barr
Jorune has benefited from some great artists and some others.

Alan Okimoto
David Ackerman
George Barr
Janet Aulisio Dannheiser
Robert D. Smith
Marc Debidour
Steve Devaney*

And we must give a primal shout out to the original Jorune artist, Miles Teves. Miles put his personal mix of Renaissance style techniques and post modern industrail science fiction designs to make a visual style for Jorune. Others have tried but not quite matched Teves level.

He not only created the look and feel of Jorune (from squalor in the worst trarch stinkpit to the elegance of Earth-tec) to the look and feel of some of your favorite movies.
And many more. For details go to

* These artists are returning for new projects as part of Return to Jorune project.

** Applications that make some one look thinner or WAY fatte. Not toasters and MixMasters.

Much maligned
            art for the original Gomo Guide. Oh well.

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            label for SCARS OF TEMAUNTRO


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