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What is ORFA?

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Simple explanation.

You want a Target number for an attempted action.

Stat + Named Skill +/- Modifiers = Target Number
On rare occasions up two Named Skill may come into play. Tell them about it.

Roll 1d20. If you roll your Target Number or less, your character Succeeded.

The difference between your roll result and the Target Number gives you the Level of Success. If your action is from Combat, that may be the amount of Damage inflicted (or taken).

You get to control some rolls with "Luck", or may use "Luck" with other players to control an event already completed. Luck dice used before a roll are replenished the next gaming session; Luck dice used AFTER a roll are burned - the Luck pool is permanently down after that.

Races Compared
                (not all)

Why Not Just Convert?

I still scream at night.

Several years ago an attempt was made to put together a collection of conversions to about a dozen existing systems. The plan was to give them away for free through DriveTruRPG.com. They asked for proof we had permission to use those systems, even if the product was to be given away.

It seemed like a reasonable request.

But contacting publishers had four basic responses.

1) Sure, no problem. Here's how we want to be credited;

2) No response at all;

3) The demand that the authors buy the publishers most recent editions, update all the conversion information to the new editions (which, for some, was significant), and when that had all been done they would then consider allowing us to hawk their new editions. (Several of those.)

4) No response to repeated attempts to get permission.

5) One publisher went ballistic that it wasn't a licensed product and therefore had no standing with Jorune, and they would never let themselves get entangled with such a shabby attempt to usurp proprietary intellectual properties of a legitimate tradsmark holder...

Um, no. Never mind that it was the exact opposite of what we were doing, but just became clear we were the whipping for something that had built up an explosive need to vent.

6) And, not answering, even when one of their own employees was the person who was willing to represent our request. (Which looked like a good thing after #5).

So - live. Be well. Be happy. Over There.

The problem with non-response is you do not know if the lack of communication is because they did not receive your email, or the non response is their response. They aren't answering because they don't want to even know you exist. Which was true of several publishers.

The fact is that gaming systems are plentiful and are like ice cream. You may like French Vanilla, only French Vanells, and anyone who likes Dutch Chocolate is a heretic and should be run through a baloney slicer, feet first.

ORFA was based on two different attempts to make sense of the incomplete system published with 3rd Edition. People who swear it was a great system forget how much they had to met with simple non-response, abusive response, or demands that we do work on the newest version of their product. (Even if the author was a long time contributor to their previous editions and knew the system very well, anyone who wanted to use their newest books had to buy their newest system to be sure it conformed.

And non response.

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Origin of ORFA

One Roll Fits All (ORFA) was created when a radioactive gamer bit the GM during a Jorune game at DunDraCon in the SF Bay Area in 1995. It has a direct legacy to Skyrealms of Jorune's second Second Edition system, which was based on the d20 instead of the d100/percential system. After Third Edition was published without "How to Generate A Character" (later included as a single sheet of paper wiht later copies of the book) and information on why an 18-pound sledgehammer cannot harm a pibber (no hit points for any of the creatures), many ways to adapt Third Edition were so common that people completely forgot what parts of a functional die, generation, damage, and hit point system they had to make up for themselves. But, since they made them up for their group, they loved them and believed it was what came out of the book.

It wasn't.

Over the years ORFA was known a Oracle, J20, and other transient names. When the mechanic of a single roll determining success, failure, degree of success, and/or damage, the name became One Roll Fits All, which happened also spell out ORFA, which is all four of my grandparents' names. So it seemed to be Fate. (But we aren't allowed us that name. Has Kismet been taken?)

One Sample Lifeline

Generate a character and take him/her through some scenes; one investigative, one combat they win, one combat they lose, use of Luck or Oracle Points.

Keep it Simple.

Or not. (Comment)

Other People's System Pages

Understanding that people who like the systems they like, we have no objection to a list of pages where people present their favorite home-brew, or their conversion of Jorune to a beloved OTS.

Link in Title of Page and Alluvial Fan System name
Link in Title of Page and Fuzion System name
Link in Title of Page and GURPS System name
Link in Title of Page and HERO System name
Link in Title of Page and PLUS System name
Link in Title of Page and JoRune Quest System name.
Link in Title of Page and Savage Land System name
Link in Title of Page and Storyteller System name
Link in Title of Page and Universe System name

*OTS - One True System, said with religious fervor.

Our Story So Far

Here is the current draft of ORFA for examination and comments.

ORFA Jorune - The basic document, revised Feb 8, 2011.

ORFA Generator - Jorune character programmed PDF. Allows basic math to be done by typing into fields on the form. May be printed, emailed or wiped by non-printing buttons on the sheet. Retitle any sheet you email to return2jorune@gmail.com with the name of your character. It would be nice if you included the date in the document title in the format YYYYMMDD.

Comments and suggestions for this system are invited. Ancient wisdom for why your OTS is the OTS and all others are to be ignored, is not.

My Favorite Character Sheet

Something I particularly liked was FATE and I did a character sheet for use of FATE, but was unable to get a group together to develop that.

It is probably the character sheet design I love beyond all others because it so beautifully follows the graphic identity created by Miles and Amy for the Second Edition boxed set.

Second Edition Boxed Set Cover

The Spirit of Jorune FATE Character sheet...

Spirit of Jorune FATE sheet

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