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Segment: Sho-Caudal

A PDF only Newsletter from Copra Joe

The commitment is to have at least per month with at least 16 pags of notebook clippings, previously unpublished work, or beta test of material indended for later release. So far we were able to put out seven issues in six month and exceeded the page count with five of those issues. So far so good.

We have a couple of free sampers for a peek at what we're doing.

Sampler from #1 - Timeline of Pre-Colonial Jorune.
Sampler from #4 - The Dark Side of Jorune

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Next Issue

Haven't decided yet. Could be a report on Recos and Genons. Maybe more development on the "Blended Jorune" idea. Maybe the wholelstructure a revelation for The Red Gate. Maybe more of The Angel of Drail and some secrets about the Seraphim Guard.

Hopefully it will be worth your time.

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Segment: Sho-Caudal #7 cover

Issue 7 - More elements from The Red Gate, plus Isho, the Living. Breath of Jorune

ISSUE #7 (January 2018) - Two more elements of The Red Gate Dig - including:

The Kolo Dissal (a Thriddl eescape device)

The Sol Hono Lattice, and trinket found at the Mes Dig that could change the future of Jorune,

Isho, the Living Breath of the planet, with an eye to adapting issue to your current gaming group and system.

Segment: Sho-Caudal #6 cover

Issue 6 - Updated Warp Mechanics; the Mes Dig; Blended Jorune

(December 2017) -

An updated Introduction to Warp Mechanics from Jorunel of the Tan Soor Hisorical Socity.

The Mes Dig - An archological site for adventures, including several tables of Earth-Tec and other goodies for adventurers to find/earn/steal. Notes from The Red Gate.

Blended Jorune - An ide for bringing your near future Sci-Fi team to Jorune, quickly.

                                Sho Caudal #6 Cover

Issue 5 - The Angele of Drail

(December 2017) -

The Angel of Drail - Preview of the first three chapters of a proposed Jorune novel. The three main charcters of Slam Desti, Boy Yord (Sholari volume 1, number 2) are grown up and having a new adventure that begins in a small port down on the eastern coast of Drail, and will move south, into the land of Ramian, Trarch and the mysterious Seraphim Guard, and their representative, the Angel Jolanta

Segment: Sho-Caudal #4 cover

Issue 4 - Maps and Measurement.

(November 2017)

The Dark Side of Jorune - Imaginary Landscapes for what we cannot see;

Measurement of Distances, Weight, Time, Calendars;

Revised world map with scale, and more.cartography, with the original scale of the world from some 2nd Edition notes, First Edition map, my personal rethink of the world and its measurement.

Sho-Caudal #3 cover

Issue #3 - Writing for Jorune (and beyond)

Issue #3 - (October 2017) The Myth of Fiction -  Even the most learned of Thriddle can get it wrong;

Call for Writers - A Collection of writing tools for any Jorune author, including a detailed look at the Major and Minor Canon for Jorune,  a Detailed Location chart for races by nation or geographic group, and racial distribution of Isho; and

Toolbox References or to be used in other forms of writing, including the 36 plots, and details on the characters found in great Epic tales, and RPG adventure construction.

Sho-Caudal #2 cover

Issue 2 - Thriddle Debt and RPG Notes

The Thriddle Debt - How the advent of modern publishing came to Jorune thanks to a Cryo-Bin and the contents of a lost Colonial library;

The Horrors of Conversion - why you will not see me publishing conversions to other game systems;

What the hell is ORFA?

Issue 1

Issue 1 - Timelines

Timelines, from the first weaving of a dysha, including the lost knowledge of the Lamorri Invasion,

The Tragedy of the Gift;

The Era of the Colonials up to and including Shyee and the drama of  Bomoveris and Iscin in the Gauss Valley;

And acknowledgement of The Harpers, who kept the culture of Earth alive on Jorune.

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