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Gomo Guide: Thoneport


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What is ORFA?

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ORFA is a minimalist role playing games system used to present NPCs for new Jorune material. It can also be used as a fully functional game system for newcomers, or for established gamers who want to play and don't have time to learn each others favorite system. NOW!

Want to do something? You try by rolling one die. Take applicable Stats (never more than three) and any applicable named skill(s), apply modifiers before the roll. That gives you your Target Number. Roll 1d20 and if you roll your Target number, or less, you succed. The difference between the Target number and the number on your d20 gives you the "degree of success" (or points of damage, if your action is part of a combat).

Why another gaming system? Because gamers develop their favorite game system and become worse than religious fanatics with their devotion to OTS - the One True System.

Game systems are like ice cream; you like what you like and anyone who doesn't like pistaccio is a heathen.

ORFA is a way to get playing FAST and to fulfill the purpose of role playing games - to have FUN.

And it's free.

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Release Date 2017-4-10

A complete reboot of GOMO GUIDE TO THONEPORT with proper editing, proofing, and original art from Jorune newcomer Rober Smith.

            Map (Back Cover)

44 pages, US Letter format
Color Covers, detailed Map with Key
Joseph Kessler Adams - Author
Robert D. Smith - Art
Janice Sellers - Editor
Paul C. Pinkosh - Proofreader

PDF - $10.00

Print Version - $14.00 (includes free PDF)

Available from DriveThruRPG

What's In It?

Jorune is a world with almost two dozen races, but unlike fantasy settings there are reasons each race is here. One nation is not only dominated by humans, but Thantier is devoted to the proposition that only humans are worth of control, property, or freedom. Any non human is under severe restrictions.

Aliens are considered untrustworthy and are required to have a human companion at all time outside one district of the capital city (which also provides employment for the most despised human in Thanterian society);

The Iscin races are considered abominations and barely tolerated, but can move about with a hired human to shepherd them through Thanterian business;

Human mutations are the worst – to be guilty of looking human while masking the mutations that make them an enemy of all things Earth or Thanterian.

Iscin races and mutations are considered "thone" - an insult spat at by superior humans.

But there is one place in Thantier where all of the non-human races can find accommodations, entertainment, and companionship - Thoneport, the seedy section of the capital city that lets thone run free – usually.

The Gomo Guide will give you helpful hints on what businesses cater to which races or cultures, the history of the glorious human Nation and Capital, and even includes a handy section on what to do if you are arrested.

Do you need to introduce your group to Jorune - start them off where humans are at the top of the heap. As they should be.